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Our qualified team members are always happy to help you with your gas enquiries.
Gas is one of the most important sources of energy delivered to our homes to be used daily, and yet one of the most dangerous ones if not taken care of properly. Boilers and gas appliances are not matters to close eyes to, and need to be dealt with care and delicacy.

Central heating is a system in which a primary appliance provides the energy needed to power other dependant appliances such as stove, heaters and radiators.
Underfloor heating is a form of central heating which achieves indoor climate control for thermal comfort through conducting and radiating heat energy.

Our company offers various services relating to heating, including instalment of appliances and repairs. It is necessary to keep your appliances in check to prevent any incidents from happening.

We also offer the service of installing, repairing and servicing boilers, which is a service to be done only by a qualified professional. All other services such as boiler fault finding and looking for leaks of poisonous gases such Carbon monoxide (CO) which is a highly poisonous and dangerous gas that can kill within minutes of exhalation in large quantities, radiators instalment and repairs and gas and underfloor and central heating pipes repairs are also covered by our professional team members whom are assets to the company.

So contact our company service line to guarantee yourself safety of the appliances used in your property.

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